Sex At The Drive-In

By | March 28, 2009

Bikini Drive InThe 1950s in the UK was a pretty austere time, the Second World War had left the country poor and struggling to maintain its position in the world. In the US however the 1950s seems to be regarded as something of a golden age where wealth and happiness came easily to all. OK so that might be an over simplification brought about by the movies, but the US did enjoy post-war prosperity that made the UK look a pretty grey place.

Of the many things that shone out from the US during that decade was the drive-in movie. Young high school kids meeting up at a diner that looked like it just landed from outer space then driving in their huge V8 cars to a huge lot to watch a B Movie in the open air during the eternal summer of 1050s America. Then of course there was the “making out”.

For rain-drenched and impoverished Brits the picture painted of the US by the movies, drive-ins included, was like a vision of another world where young dude had a shiny bike or car and every girl was a prom queen.

So here’s a question to all our American readers. How many of you actually managed to have sex at a drive-in? I know they’ve been in decline for years but there must be some readers who have done it?

BTW the image relates to a film called Bikini Drive-in staring Ashley Rhey, made in 1995.