Pussy, Pie And A Pint

By | March 29, 2009

Pole DancerThe recession has hit public houses over here in a bad way. It seems that every day I pass a pub which has been boarded up somewhere. Towns and villages are beginning to look like shanty towns as these pubs become targets for vandalism and grafitti.

Some feel the heart is being ripped out of communities who for years used the local public house as a place to meet up with old friends and acquaintances. It is quite sad really.

Those who are managing to keep opening their doors and struggling against the tide and have to be more inventive than ever, to encourage the small number of people who can afford to consume alcohol in their establishments to come through the door.

So you would imagine that local councils would be supportive of the publican and his plight. Apparently not if you live in Ayr. They are coming down heavily on pubs and bars who have so called activities and theme nights which are seen as “adult entertainment”.

These include Ann Summers party nights and staff who used to do the Coyote-Ugly style dance (whatever that is) in a bar.

Have they gone completely mad? These events are helping licensees to continue to trade and in turn keeping the economy going and employing staff who would otherwise be out of a job.

It makes no sense to me at all. You can read the full story here