Virgin Movies For Free!

By | March 30, 2009

Jacqui SmithIt’s nice to have a husband who’ll try to take the fall for you. So thought Jacqui Smith, sadly for her it doesn’t appear to have worked.

For those of you not in the UK here’s the story.

In the UK members of parliament are allowed to claim for a second home to allow them to have one in their constituency and one in London so they can serve their constituents locally and at Westminster. In principle this is excellent. Until parliament was thoroughly reformed in the 18/19 centuries the only people who could afford to be MPs were wealthy gentry and they were therefore not great advocates of the common people. Removing the financial burden of public office made it possible for anyone to enter parliament.

Sadly some MPs have abused the system and claim immense sums of money ( approved by the Parliament Office), far in excess of what you and I as mere voters would need to keep a second home. Jacqui Smith is already under investigation for alleged misconduct in this respect – or as I feel it’s better described, taking the fucking piss with my money.

So imagine the expression on her face when a newspaper recently broke the story that her hubby had claimed for two adult movies on their cable TV – Amusingly they use Virgin Media, LOL.

Well, in an effort to save his wife’s huge salary and expenses claims from evaporating from the family budget he’s apologised. Time will tell if it saves Jacqui.

There’s nothing wrong with adult movies, nothing at all, but they hardly count as expenses. What else will be surfacing? Sex toys, hookers, rent boys? If you’re above the age of consent then please feel free to indulge yourself, just not out of my taxes.

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