New Girl With Tasty Baps

By | March 30, 2009

I told you all a couple of weeks ago my old sandwich shop just shut without any notice, there one day, shutters down the next. Well, I have done a little bit of Miss Marpling and talked to the shop over the road and discovered what happened.

The shop keeper was quite discreet, he merely told me that the woman who ran the shop had an argument with her husband. He frequented the shop at lunchtime too. And the next thing he knew the shutter was being pulled down and she was driving off in to the sunset.

Never to be seen again.

In a way it has been a good thing. I as you know have found somewhere else to buy my sandwiches and they are cheaper too. Although the service is slower. Swings and roundabout I suppose.

I think I may have been served by the proprietor today. She in the words of Keith Lemon is “bang tidy”, small dark hair cut into a shoulder length bob with brown eyes. Almost Irish in looks and petite. She would make a great pornstar. Lol

I’m stood in front of the counter letching and thinking that I was going to enjoy her serving me when I was distracted. There was a quite pronounced mustache on her top lip. With her being dark haired it was very noticeable.


Now how could I bring depilatory cream in to the conversation…