That Build Up To Some Hot Porn

By | March 31, 2009

Bobbi StarrUnlike Jackie Smith MP and her husband we openly admit to watching porn, well to you lot any way. 😉 I’m not sure work are ready to hear me say that yet. They can’t seem to get beyond BDSM not being all about dressing up in German uniform ala Max Moseley.

I wonder just how many couples not only watch it together but talk about the scenes and how they can be improved. I’m thinking not many. It’s a shame really that some people simply cannot open up to one another. I suppose I am lucky…we are lucky.

Our latest purchase from Harmony films has left me a little exasperated though. There have been several scenes which looked like turning in to something different and then they have simply not followed them through.

For example, I can appreciate both the female and male stars, being bisexual. And I often long for a good girl on girl scene. Last night I though it was going to happen. The scene starts off with a girl laying blindfolded on a table, wearing purple bra, panties and stockings.

A girl walks in to shot and cuffs the girl. She then starts to caress her lips, kissing her gently. Good so far. Then out of nowhere appear two guys, one shoves his cock straight in to her mouth and the other starts licking her pussy. The other girl has gone.

In another the gorgeous Bobbi Starr, her up there in the top left corner is deep throating a rather large black dildo. And making a good job of it. I’m thinking, any minute she will be bringing herself off with that.

But no.

A guy walk in on the scene and shoves his cock in to her mouth. Is it me or are the directors of porn missing some really good scenes in favour of the formulaic?

What do you think?