Porn The Office Subject Of The Day

By | April 1, 2009

Gobshite at the office is in his early twenties and in my opinion not very worldly wise. His ideas about how things should be clash with mine constantly but to keep peace in the office I don’t face him up or at least try not to. I forgive him his naivety, in fact I embrace it for we were all young at one time.

But I do object to him insisting that his way of thinking is the only way. I suppose that comes down to his age too. However, I do recall when I was his age taking on board other peoples opinions and experience and not just over ruling it.

So there you have it, this is exactly why we call him Gobshite.

He is so narrow minded as to think that Max Moseley’s way of exploring BDSM is exactly what it is all about. I.e dressing up in German uniform and ordering people about. Rather than the subtle tones of discipline and order. He makes me laugh.

That aside.

The Bully today openly admitted that his wife’s sister works in a sex shop. I must have sat with my mouth open for a moment whilst I digested that information. Then I almost asked if she worked in the one that Alex and I purchase our DVD’s from.

With hindsight I should have, perhaps we could have got some discount. Lol

Watch this space for more revelations…