A Spanking Good time

By | April 2, 2009

Spanking ElvisIt’s nice to know that a university can still get funding for research into sexuality as described in this news story. (Even if the story may not be as it was published on April the first and I can’t find the relevant pages on the New Scientist or the university website :o( )

I’m utterly serious about this I wish everyone at any university the best of luck in studies such as this. There’s too much rubbish put about that’s the product of hearsay and ill-informed anecdotal evidence.

The popular media is the worse for it of course. Partly because they don’t do their research, or research of a high enough quality, and partly because they often have to edit themselves so heavily that any meaning and value from a story about sex (even vanilla sex) gets lost on the way to publication/transmission.

It’s only by considered study, openness and a general broadening of attitudes that we can bring the more adventurous sexualities out into the open. That way we can all express ourselves freely.