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By | March 25, 2006


I was reading an article today about how online DVD rental is impacting on the Blockbuster chain of rental stores. Since January last year Blockbuster’s share price has fallen from $10 to $4. A catastrophe for any company and a huge blow for one, which until only a few years ago, was the colossus which stood astride the video/DVD rental business in the US and UK.

The article’s quite interesting so read it if you wish, but the main point is this. The way we view and consume the mass media is changing. Some movie studios are considering the release of titles on DVD at the same time as at the multiplexes. 3G phones are allowing anyone to buy and exchange images, sound and movie clips. Blogs can turn anyone into a journalist or author.

Adult blogs are letting us all express our sexuality to others and let anyone see and comment back.

So what now for the commercial porn sites?

OK, so there are going to be certain things that most bloggers will not do. Some things they can not or will not publish on their blog.

Yes I know there are commercial sites that claim to be personal blogs, but they don’t count. I’m talking about blogs by real people. The very fact that there is a real person at a keyboard somewhere means that for many, blogs have a draw which can never be achieved by the endless thumbnail gallery sites offering barely legal teens photographed with varying degrees of professionalism.

Even sites purporting to show “amateurs” can never compete with an HNT. Despite being available to anyone with a browser the intimacy of a real blog can not be manufactured.

And what about “erotic” stories? The free stories available from commercial sites are on the whole titillation verging on porn not erotica.

Looking forward my first prediction is this.

Commercial porn sites will survive

The money they generate will ensure that there is always a market for purveyors offering something perceived to be elicit. My worry is that many of them will go underground to avoid regulation and provide the sort of depraved filth that all right-minded people deplore. It had never occurred to me before (as I have never sought out such nauseating content) that peer-to-peer networks could provide such feeds. Thanks to Anastasia for that disquieting notion.

And here’s my second prediction

Blogs will become the primary source of erotic sexual interaction for all but a minority of the online population. One reason for this I have already stated, it’s “real”, the other is this. Porn is not erotica, it is porn. Blogs can provide both and every shade of sexual stimulation in between. Porn has it’s place, but it should not try to steal erotica’s clothes in an attempt to inveigle its way into new markets.

How can we do this when we are “amateurs”. Because we are amateur and we write for us, not for the advertisers, not for the subscribers and most importantly of all not for the bottom line.

Vive la Blog Érotique
Vive le différence

Footnote 1: Last night it became known that a lovely lady by the name of “Samantha192” had been yoinking posts from various Bloggers. You can read about it here and here. This is an illustration of one of the benefits of being a blog community, we watch each other’s backs. Yes it’s easy to cut and paste us into your blog without attribution, if your lack of conscience let’s you, but you’ll be found out.