Real Life Porn In The Classroom

By | April 4, 2009

Teacher In StockingsAlex and I are allowed to be so open on this site of our because of our anonymity. Should we start to go mainstream I think that would effect what we write or alternatively if we were to be “outed” ala Zoe Margolis we certainly wouldn’t be able to share with you in the same way for fear of friends and family stumbling upon us.

And we love the freedom to express ourselves, this place would not be the same if we had to tone down our sharing of real life sexual exploration and encounters with you.

When we both write we change names and quite often places to protect this very thing happening. Which is why I was shocked to read that this rather a) stupid or b) naïve woman had self-published a book.

That in itself is not such a bad thing but she is a High School teacher and included both teachers and pupils names. As if that wasn’t bad enough, it is a work of erotic fiction involving them.

You can read the full story here.