Do You Love Sex?

By | April 5, 2009

Milky TitsPeace Cereal, Oregon, had to have the packaging reprinted for it’s products after a typo meant the number printed on the boxes was that of a phone sex line, instead the “Golden temple of Oregon”. In light of the fact that the number should have been an 800 number, does that mean there’s a toll free sex line in the US now?

Anyway, apart from old stock which is apparently still on sale in some stores the problem has been resolved. Perhaps the company will proof read its packaging designs in future and maybe check the numbers.

That leads me on to thinking about a certain type of porn that I can’t get my head around. Milk porn. I don’t mean sploshing here, I’m talking about otherwise normal porn shoots where the girls pour milk or other dairy products over themselves.

What’s with that? I’m obviously missing the point. It doesn’t float my boat and all I can think about is the sour smell of off-milk under the hot lights, Blaaargh! LOL

Each to their own I suppose.