Cum Angels

By | April 5, 2009

Last night was one of the most relaxing evenings we have had in a long time. After a hectic week at work is was very much welcomed by both of us.

We retired to the bedroom some time around nine after writing up and posting all our entries for the sites. It was good to lay back in bed with a glass of wine and just have the television on low for background noise.

I quite quickly found myself drifting in and out of consciousness, almost like I was tripping. Aware of my environment and the television on in the distance. Then slumber hit and we both fell asleep for a while.

When I woke Alex was stirring next to me and I reached over absent mindedly to play with his cock. He was semi erect (obviously dreaming naughty thoughts). Lol Both of us just lay back stroking each other gently and without too much exhilaration.

Laying there with our eyes closed just feeling each other near, with the occasional sip of red wine. No need to hurry was so good. Within minutes Alex was sporting a very nice erection and I eased over to his side of the bed and he took position between my legs.

I was so wet he was slopping around for the first couple of minutes. 😉 I hooked my legs under his arms as he took me hard, driving as deep as he could. Taking hold of the bedhead gave me enough purchase to be able to meet his thrusts and despite coming several times I kept up my rhythm.

We were so spaced that Alex came in double quick time, thrusting and groaning almost painfully as he exploded inside my cunt. He quivered and shook the last drops of cum inside me and then flopped on top of me, kissing me on the lips before settling his head on my shoulder.

Then he rolled over on the his side of the bed and sleep enveloped us both once again. When I awoke it was the early hours and I nudged Alex to come and wash up in the bathroom whilst sitting on the edge of the bed trying to come round myself.

A quick wash, back to bed.

Next thing the birds were singing and it was daylight. I pulled back the covers and climbed out of bed, turning to look at Alex still sleeping peacefully on the opposite side of the bed. My eyes were then drawn to the huge white “cum angel” I had left on the edge of the bed last night.

It wasn’t a dream then. 😉