The Great Outdoors

By | September 26, 2006

We had a brief flirtation with summer again this weekend so we decided to take advantage of the clement weather and go for a walk.  Our house is situated in the greenbelt and there are many places to walk, our favourite one is just over the lane from us.

A walk across a couple of farmers fields (Don’t worry, they have public footpaths running through them) and we are at the top of a beautiful wooded hillside and the view from the top is spectacular.  You can see for miles and miles across fields and villages.

The wood is mainly deciduous, with oaks, ash, holly with bramble thickets and gorse interspersed between the ancient trees.  We climbed to the top of the hill before the decent down to the woods.  There was a father playing with his toddler and their golden retriever on the brow of the hill.

As Alex and I began to make our way down the hillside we heard the little boy say “Can we go down there?”.  We both turned to each other and smiled.  Just like kids, they always think that they are missing something.  😀

It was warm and humid and I removed my black jacket and tied it around my waist.  I don’t know why I didn’t leave it at home and just go out in my black cargo pants and khaki t-shirt.  That’s me, always practical…I thought it may rain.  LOL

The path we took meandered slowly down the wooded hillside, twisting and turning between overgrown gorse bushes and brambles.  We got about half way down when Alex led me by the hand off-piste.  He took an overgrown track to the left of the footpath and after a couple of minutes we were in a glade under the oaks’ canopy.  I must confess my heart skipped a beat when I saw the glint in Alex’s eye.

He pulled me towards him and began to kiss me gently at first and then with passion as his lips pressed firmly against mine and his tongue probed my mouth.  I was stood higher up the bank than him, which brought me face to face with him rather than him having to bend.  We were now kissing with fevered lust.  Alex seemed to be trying to devour me.

I broke away for air and to regain my composure.  Alex reached forward and lifted my t-shirt out of my cargo pants and up over my bra.  I was wearing a thin white lycra bra which Alex loves because he can see my nipple through the sheer fabric.  He tweaked my already hard nipples each one in turn and then glided his fingers gently across each cup.

My nipples were pulsing with the increased flush of blood to them, making them all the more sensitive to his touch.  I shivered as he gently rolled each one under his palm.   Then without warning he pulled my bra up over my breasts, cupped them in both hands and began to kiss between them.

My gusset began to moisten, I just hoped that they wouldn’t get too wet or the front of my trousers would become visibly wet and slightly embarrassing for the walk home.  He continued to kiss and rub his head between my cupped boobs.  Then his hand started to rub my mons through the crotch of my trousers.  He was driving me insane, I wanted to rip off my clothes and fuck him then and there.  But it was too risky, the trees are loosing leaves and the cover was sparse in some places.

I bent my knees to allow me to place my hand over his groin.  He was hard and straining to become free of his denim confines.  I rubbed my palm against his erection and then gave it a gentle squeeze.  He responded, twitching with excitement.  My breasts were now exposed to the warm and humid air and my nipples were aching to be inside Alex’s mouth once more.  I lifted my right breast up to his lips and he suckled on my pink/brown nub.

My knees began to give as he flicked and tugged at my nipple with his tongue and lips.  I was sure that my panties were now soaked with cum and I imagined a growing wet patch appearing between my legs as I moistened my cargo pants.

I leaned in over Alex and placed my head on his with my eyes closed to fully appreciate the electrical impulses being fired from my synapses in response to his oral ministrations.  Perhaps I could lower my trousers and panties to just below the knee, he could then fuck me through his open flies.  Then if anyone came we could quickly pull them up.

I was just toying with the idea of being fucked against a tree when I heard a twig snap.  Looking over Alex’s head I could just make out the figure of a woman climbing the hill.  “Alex, there’s someone coming”, I exclaimed but not so loudly that I could be heard.  I couldn’t believe it, every time we try to grab a bit of outdoor action someone spoils the fun!  It seems that the whole world is conspiring against us.

Alex withdrew his head from my cleavage, his chin glistening with saliva.  He pulled my bra back over my boobs and pulled down my t-shirt.  My bra felt awkward, no wonder he had pulled it down lopsided, I was hanging out.  😀

We started the accent back to the top whilst I adjusted my bra and tucked my t-shirt back in my trousers.  You couldn’t tell we had been up to anything…Oh no…the smiles on our faces just gave the game away.  LOL

With one final pull of my hand we stepped on to the crest of the hill.  As we stepped clear of the last holly bush we caught site of the little boy and his dad.  They were still there playing with the dog.  I didn’t dare to look the guy in the eye, I felt my cheeks flush with colour.  Did he suspect what we had been up to down there with us being so brief.  I know that is the conclusion I would have drawn from it.  Or is it just me and my dirty mind.