Amateur Sex On The Tube Sites

By | April 6, 2009

A few years ago I made a prediction which has turned out to be almost entirely wrong.

I predicted that amateur adult bloggers would be the primary source of erotic and pornographic content on the web. I could see the crisis that was coming for the porn industry in the real world and felt, indeed still feel, that much of the industry simply didn’t grasp what was happening with online erotic content.

Oh, how idealistic I was. After the initial flowering of amateur content in 2005-2006 things have gone a bit awry. There are a number of adult bloggers creating excellent and very personal posts and images, but it is a small number in comparison to the proliferation of content on tube sites.

At one point much of the videos available on the fledgling tube sites claimed to be amateur, and some still do, but I think that particular charade is being replaced by the blatant commercialism of the porn industry. In one way of course that’s a good thing, the faux amateur label being removed has an appealing honesty. But I do feel that as bloggers were unable or unwilling to create the increasingly graphic images required to compete with the tube sites and commercial porn “blogs” they have dwindled to a few dedicated bloggers who write more for themselves than a like-minded community.

Apart from the BDSM and swinger communities is there anyone with a similar mindset to an adult blogger? We for example get excellent traffic, better than at any point in our history, but comments come from a few readers (some bloggers some not). Most of our visitors lurk, often for a long time, reading and taking in what we publish but not feeling the urge to comment as they once might have.

In a way I miss the way things were a few years ago, but the fact that those days are no more is not a surprise and I don’t long for them to return because the only constant in life is change.