Cock Fixated Women

By | April 7, 2009

Or should I say “cockcentric” lol. It’s true that most porn has a particular emphasis on blow jobs. There are other more imaginative ways of getting a man hard but the old favourite (yawn! Sorry) is the good old blow job, nothing else will do, wanking using hands or sex toys just doesn’t cut the mustard for some reason in porn. Yet I would much prefer an alternative way to get him hard because lets face it the good old BJ has become passé.

Just like the “please, oh please come on my face because it makes me come” shot. Sorry got a little carried away there with the cliché. 🙂

I now find the unusual more interesting and for that reason have gravitated towards the genre of light BDSM. Despite their indiscretions when it comes to originality at least there is a twist to the scenes.

I’ve now found myself sitting in the directors chair when watching porn. I can see the potential to create something different, erotic and above all exciting far from the mainstream. For I have an advantage over most being bisexual I know how to please both sexes.

What did disappoint me the other evening when I watched a porn DVD was that a well known bisexual actress had been filmed fucking with her strap-on but only in close up. The shots meant that there wasn’t really a face behind the cock that was fucking the girl. You knew it was another girl because of the obvious strap-on and finger nails.

At that point I had to ask. Do women in porn have a sell by date? Yet men seem to go on forever, Mark Davis being the case in point. Ardent porn watchers will know which woman I am referring to and know that she is hot if a little over the other side of twenty.

When girls still have so much to offer why does the porn industry shun them. Especially given that gonzo and amateur porn is so popular these days. Why are they so judgemental about women?

I think someone needs a reality check, girls over the age of twenty two can be hot too.