Giving It To Her For Hours

By | April 8, 2009

This article caught my interest and that of the rest of the office today when I was having my lunch. I’m always looking out for interesting sex-related items to kick start my naughty thought processes so this one stood out.

It sounds great for those guys who have a problem with premature ejaculation. It’s one of those problems that gets laughed at and joked about and yet is a very serious problem for some men. While it may in some ways be a compliment if your man blows his load the moment he gets inside you, that implicit compliment at about your capability to turn him on is more than negated by the disappointment of another night without a good seeing to.

Products to deal with the problem, from sprays, creams and even specially treated condoms have been around for years. So why has it taken a research team from the NHS to create something that apparently does the same thing?

Well, Ok, for all my disparaging remarks it would appear that a medically proven, fully tested and NICE approved aid for men with PE may be on the way. Some of the other preparations on the market have little or no empirically proven efficacy – so that’s all good. And of course there’s the point that the spray isn’t transferred to your partner, as some of the lotions you might buy yourself might be prone to do.

It would be interesting to see if some of the previously marketed products contained the same active ingredients as PSD502 though, wouldn’t it?

Any biochemists reading this? If so enlighten me.