Getting Naked Outside

By | April 9, 2009

AlexSuzeI love doing IT in the great outdoors but there are so few places that you can actually get away with it. Last year Alex and I decided to become one with nature and drove around the local countryside for a couple of hours trying to find the right secluded spot to kit off and get down and dirty.

You would think it would be so easy. We found that every time we found what looked like the prefect spot it would be over looked or some ramblers would appear from nowhere. And at one point we thought the track was so rough and disused that nobody would possibly venture down there. Wrong!

Despite there being acres and acres of wild open countryside you still have a problem getting far from the madding crowd. I will give it another go this year and see if we can be more successful.

Or I could participate in World Naked Gardening Day on Saturday May 2nd. I love gardening and getting naked and combining the two sounds like a good idea. Until I consider the fact that our property is adjoined to another and they can see quite clearly in to our garden.

Perhaps I could come over and do yours nothing like sowing your seed. 😉