Screwing In The Chair

By | April 11, 2009

I’m not a supple as I used to be which does tend to limit the number of sexual positions available for use. 😉 I watch the girls in the porn films and how they get their feet up by their ears in wonder.

Of course it helps if you have no body fat too. Lol But to be a pornstar requires that you are part gymnast as well as exceptionally accommodating.

In my time I have attempted quite a few positions to copulate but never actually owned a copy of the Kama Sutra. And with high insight I don’t think I will be purchasing one soon having read the story of a Russian couples adventures with it.

The couple Ivan Sololov, 56 and Valentian, 51 were trying out a position in the book given to them by a friend. It involves the woman drawing up her knees and placing her feet under her partners armpits. It is known as the Deck Chair position or the Indrani traditionally.

As they both attempted this rather amazing feet she had a muscle spasm. Valentina went in to spasm and the couple were locked together. They attempted to free themselves for an hour and then ended up calling the paramedics to help.

Can you imagine the faces of the guys who turned up to help them out. Perhaps the Kama Sutra should carry a warning on the front cover. Lol