Making Him Tingle All Over ;)

By | April 11, 2009

Sexy SlaveAlex and I settled down last night after a long hard week at work with a few glasses of wine last night. Both of us lacked energy but we did manage to fuck in my favourite way, doggy style after I had coaxed him with my swirling tongue and pursed lips around his cock.

He loves a blow job as much as the next guy but we don’t always get down to it. There is sometimes a sense of urgency, the I want it now and I want it hard factor which prevents us from a lingering foreplay.

And when you want it…you want it. 😉

Last night we did things the other way round. We fucked ourselves in to a hot sticky panting heap and lay back for a while to recover before play really began.

Last night Suze was the dome and Alex did her bidding with the aid of something we have never used before. It was exciting and stimulating to take control of Alex once again but in a way I never have before.

If you want to see what all this is about, then you will need to take a trip over here for the full story. Go on I’ll wait, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on anything. 😉