Cock And Balls In My Face

By | April 12, 2009

Dick And Balls MaskI keep Alex nicely shaved and baby smooth on his balls and around his cock. Once a week I tend to his pubic area ensuring that every hair is mowed, leaving him nice and bald.

If he is hair free I find it much nicer to take his balls in my mouth and roll then around without getting those pubes trapped between my teeth. Lol And giving a blow job is much more enjoyable when your nose isn’t buried in to a carpet of hair on each downward stroke.

It makes it easier to clean up after fucking and helps to keep him naturally lubed during sex. Instead of the moisture being trapped on his hair it is pooled at the base of his cock ready to go again.

Despite loving my cock I wouldn’t want to walk around wearing it on my face. The image above is a face mask I found online, why anyone would process one of these have no idea but it cost $15.80 if you do.

It take all sorts I suppose. 😉