Where Did All That Anal Sex Come From?

By | April 12, 2009

Vintage PornIf you watched porn twenty years ago you’d have found something was missing.

Anal sex.

Apart from the dodgy perms, left-over droopy moustaches and décor that makes your skin crawl, the lack of anal is the most conspicuous difference to porn of today.

I remember seeing my first scene with anal, it was a very illegal Dutch import on low-quality VHS. In a dimly lit room an unseen male performer alternately dipped his prick into the anus and pussy of the moaning female for four or five minutes before depositing his load on her ass.

But when did it become mainstream. Anal used to be specialist and on the whole aimed at the male gay market in porn. The mention of anal sex or bumming as it was almost universal known when I was at school was immediately accompanied by sniggers and connected with gay sex.

It couldn’t be more different now with almost every heterosexual porn film containing anal sex. More and more men expect anal sex from their partners as a matter of course. Many of those who dare not ask it of their partners seem quietly obsessed by an idea that would at one time have been regarded as a sign of closet homosexuality – a label that would have been regarded in a totally negative context.

Any idea what happened?

And what comes next?