Dropping Them For A Bottle of Champagne

By | April 12, 2009

Keeley HawesThis is a bit of a response to the post Suze wrote earlier about Gene Hunt in Ashes To Ashes. If you haven’t already guessed we’re both big fans. From the first time we watched Life On Mars we were hooked by all of the characters.

The change from Life On Mars to Ashes To Ashes had some of the fans of the previous series a bit disappointed, even affronted that the script writers could have the audacity to actually change the way in which the story worked and the way the characters developed. But a third series would have been plain silly, stretching the format beyond breaking point.

So to the point of my post and the biggest change between Life On Mars and Ashes to Ashes. Keeley, AKA Alex Drake. I’d seen Keeley Hawes in Spooks, but never really got on with her. Yes she’s very good looking but not really my type. Right up until the point she punches Gene in the Face.

“Ah! She does assertive, aggressive women” my subconscious thought.

You see I don’t like girly girls and I don’t like skinny ones that much. If they’re skinny and Keeley is skinny, they have an uphill struggle to make up shaggability points with me.

I can’t wait for the news series to start and until then it’s DVD re-runs of the first series of Ashes To Ashes.

And FYI Gene, I don’t think Alex Drake would drop her knickers for a bottle of Bolly – she’d need a ride in a Delorean first as well 😉