69 Sexual Moments In The Car

By | April 13, 2009

Blonde In CarI have been reading the latest book from Agent Provocateur, Soixante Neuf at lunchtimes in my car as dessert. 😉

The book is nicely presented in a pink/black bound cover. The book is a dual sided collection of literature, the pink side is the sweet and vanilla erotica, then if you switch the book upside down there is the black more dominant/submissive side to the literal feast.

Personally I normally prefer the explicit and no hold bars side of written erotica. For me because it is me, I don’t enjoy the Barbara Cartland style of writing where everything is full of romance and joy.

I’m gritty and carnal and lets face it slightly unpolished and that is the kind of writing I enjoy. Bearing this in mind I decided to save the black side till last and started the book from the pink cover.

To be honest although I found the stories in this side of the book interesting in concept they really didn’t do much to get my juices flowing which I think was in part down to the lack of descriptive content. Now this could again be down to me liking things to be raunchy.

One thing that did irritate me was there seemed to be a lot of fillers, for example introductions to unknown poets and guidance from Miss A P which were tips on talking dirty for example. I found that I already knew most of them and it was to be quite blunt, “stating the bloody obvious” and slightly patronising.

However, I did value the recommended reading chapter, I’m always open to introductions to authors and books I haven’t read. But I found that yet again my attention was drawn to repetition, both sides of the book contained some of the recommendations. Yet another reason for me to question why they didn’t include more literature, was this down to costs?

Rather disappointingly the other black side to the book didn’t really tickle my pickle either. I found that some of the scenes were…contrived and came across as ticking the right boxes. Also some of the positions were either difficult to achieve or at best impossible to maintain. Which for me suspends belief when I am reading and I find myself disengaging with the story.

I found another story allegedly penned by a female to be so male in its execution that I can only doubt that a woman would have written it. That said this book will help you pass a few naughty hours and has some original content.

It sadly just didn’t do it for me.