Thank Fuck It’s Friday

By | March 12, 2006

Hands up if you have a sex related injury. Can you see me, waving my hands high in the air? LOL. Or rather, not laughing, cause it hurts like crazy.

Do you wish to know the full story in all its dirty detail? Or would you prefer the abridged version? Choices, choices. Ok, go on then I’ll give you the full blown version.

Alex had a shity week at work last week. Understaffing and demanding fuckers all contributing to him feeling a little less than happy by Friday evening. Anyway, you don’t want to hear about all that crap.

So we ate dinner together and then settled for a quiet night in on the sofa in front of the television. Alex was very tired and I didn’t expect that we would be engaging in any sex. Which doesn’t make my evening but I know how being tired can affect your libido. So, as I said I really didn’t expect fireworks.

I lay with my head in his lap and my hand on his thigh. Alex had his arm around my shoulder, cupping my left breast with his hand. This is really comforting, I love the warm secure feeling of his hand firmly embracing my breast. He absently gave my nipple the odd tweak through my t-shirt (Oh, dear had I forgotten to put my bra on naughty me).

It must be an automatic reaction but I always find my hand gravitating to Alex’s groin. I gently rubbed the firm denim seam of his jeans against his cock. He obviously liked this because he wriggled slightly to adjust his position within his trousers. The film was boring and I couldn’t help myself. I began to rub him with an even firmer hand. Pushing my palm flat across his stiffening member.

Alex pinched my nipple a little too keenly and I let out an “ouch” to that effect. He apologised and loosened his grip slightly. My nipples were so stiff that they began to ache and pulse. The girls will know exactly how this feels. I could feel my labia swelling within my panties and without even thinking, I pushed my things tighter together and began to roll my hips. This stimulates my clit and if you get the movement just right can bring you to orgasm.

My hand began to trace Alex’s hardness through his jeans, along the length of his erection down to the tip. No disputing that he dresses to the left. He seemed to be throbbing within the constraints of the denim. His cock was almost knocking on his flies demanding release.

I think Alex was trying to play it cool because he felt so tired and pissed off. But his breathing betrayed his active mind. He wanted to fuck me just as much as I did him. He shuffled over to his left a little and extended his hand downwards, over my tummy, over the top of my mons and up under the hem of my skirt. I eagerly parted my legs and the cool air sensitised my pussy. I could now feel just how damp my panties were.

Alex was breathing heavily in my right ear as he reached up between my legs and pushed the gusset aside. He began to rub his fingers around my swollen clit. That felt so good and I released a moan of approval. “Your wonderfully wet. Do you want to fuck”? Did he need to ask? I’m always ready to fuck.

I nodded and sat up to await instruction. Alex grabbed my arm and pushed me towards the floor. Kneeling in front of him I could see just how hard he had now become. I reached up and pulled his zipper down. It would have been quite funny had I not been so horny but his cock actually popped out. Almost as eager to get inside my hot pussy as I was to receive him. You know, I could swear his cock was almost smiling at me.

Alex pulled off his trousers and threw them across the room. He turned me around and pushed me forwards. I slumped over the sofa like a rag doll and I could feel his eager hands pulling my legs apart. He nuzzled in behind me and his hot breath hit my neck as he sucked hungrily at my neck. Gentle bites and flicks of the tongue were assailed on my neck. Goose bumps rose from the flesh on my arms and a shiver hit my spine. The combination of warm wet kisses and teeth nibbling flesh turns me to jelly. It feels both tender and sexual at the same time.

I reached in front of me and pulled a cushion under my head. Alex ran his hand up my wet slit, distributing my juices evenly, ready for entry. He then ran his hard cock up the crack of my arse giving himself a dry rub. Then thwack, he hit me across the right ass cheek with that hard prick of his. I laughed and just at that moment he pulled my panties aside and pushed firmly between my pussy lips, in to my hot cunt. Forcefully but carefully he thrust inside me, taking me quite literally by surprise and I let out a gasp to confirm this.

“You want fucking hard? Do you want me to grind your hot pussy? Alex asked. No demanded. He wanted to take me hard and no matter what I said that’s how he wanted me. Fortunately I was in the mood to be treated roughly. Taken if you will.

His hips began bashing in to my ass cheeks as he fucked me as deep as he could. I tilted my pelvis upwards, raising my ass to meet his purposeful thrusts. He seemed to be hitting my cervix with each motion and bore down on him like a hungry whore. My pussy was beginning to tingle either from the intense orgasm building or the battering it was receiving. Either way I didn’t care as I reached my first orgasm.

Knowing that the neighbours were in I took a bite at the cushion to stifle my vocal orgasm. As the orgasm took me over my internal muscles spasmed and pulsed, then came the warm sensation of my cum coating Alex’s shaft. Alex was grunting behind me in the way that men do and I knew he was close. It seemed that I had only just cum, when I could feel my muscles tensing for another orgasm.

The intensity of Alex fucking and me bucking increased as we began to climb the path to orgasm. That’s when it happened. I got a shooting pain in my left knee. It quickly subsided and we carried on screwing. With one almighty back climbing push Alex came in perfect synchronicity with my orgasm.

He collapsed over my back and I lay sprawled on the cushion with my cheek on the damp patch. I suddenly became aware just how damp it was. Does anyone else out there drool when they are being banged from behind?

We caught our breath and then began to get up from the floor. I was then prompted that my left knee was not as it should be. It was terribly painful and I couldn’t put any weight on it. I clambered on to the sofa and spent the rest of the evening rubbing it. Why do we rub things to take away the pain, this does no good at all for internal injuries.

Today it feels like my cartilage is displaced and if I press the inside edger of knee cap it hurts. I know what you are all saying, “well don’t press it then”. That’s another thing we do, press things which we already know are tender. So I’m going to be taking it easy over the next couple of days. I can’t have my knee out of action. Doggy style is my favourite position.

BTW, I also made a hole in the cushion I had between my teeth last night. Lucky I bought a spare cover.