Big Boobs And What You Can Do With Them

By | April 15, 2009

Cathy BarryBoobs are the features of the female body that every woman longs to appear on her chest way before puberty and the visible signs of female sexuality that every guy dreams about getting their hands on before any other part of the female anatomy.

Later in life you might want a pert bum, or long legs, but breasts seem to have a special fascination for most people, regardless of gender. And who can blame us all for thinking like that?

Boobs are such versatile things. They are sensitive and incredible convenient when it comes to auto-stimulation or letting your lover attend to them. Each different part of the breasts has different attractions and sensations associated with it. From the smooth, soft skin underneath to the areola tipped with its gorgeous nipple, each breast is a playground for its owner’s senses to explore on their own or with a helping hand, or tongue, or lips, or teeth of another …

Add some oil and breasts become slippery mounds of joy, eager to be stroked, massaged and kneaded. A little blob of cream on the nipple and licking them yield an indulgent, erect treat underneath the summit.

You can encase them in a bra, light cotton to tight latex or PVC, lacy and indulgent to uplifting and provocative with nipples protruding to tease the onlooker.

Boobs are such fun.

You can bury your face in them, drowning in their soft, fleshy depths. Or maybe you and your partner like the feel of your cock slipping in and out, dribbling precum and pulsing with life before covering you in hot, white jizz.

Not that I have breasts on the brain you understand, LOL.