Nipple Tassels And Swinging Tits

By | April 16, 2009

Fabia CerraThere seems to have been a spate of complaints recently to the advertising standards watchdog in the UK.

The two latest examples are an episode of Coronation street where a character incensed Christian groups by expressing the opinion that a church was “indoctrinating” a fellow character’s son and now a desperate wannabe on “Britain’s Got Talent” is being attacked for getting stripping down to basque and nipple tassels.

Personally I feel more likely to complain that inn both instances the performers involved were offensive because of their total lack of perceptible talent, but there you go.

Many people in the media get away with years of meaningless, inconsequential crap without ever being pulled up for it, so there’s not much point complaining about that.

It’s a pity because if the film censor could ban crap films for example they could stop us having to watch some of the drivel that gets a certification. There are mainstream films that I wish I’d never taken the time to watch and some really dire R18 movies that I feel the same way about. Now that would be a public service if being utter shit was grounds for the refusal of a BBFC certificate