By | April 16, 2009

Les DawsonEveryone has had their heads down since returning to work this week following the Easter break. I got fed up with the silence and started to try and engage them in some naughty chat. It was hard work.

Then the guy from the office next door came in and started to join in. Now let me give you an image of him that you may be able to associate with. Does anyone remember Les Dawson’s impersonation of a chatty woman who occasionally would drop in to just mouthing the words and shuffling his boobs?

Well that is him. He chats like an old woman, nudging your arm and occasionally dropping his volume. He just lacks the obligatory head scarf and dress. Lol

After he disappeared back to his desk we started to chat again.

Tomboy made a startling revelation. She said that she collects words. More the case that she collects words from around the globe relating to just one of ours.

Whenever she travels abroad she seeks out their word for “Cunt”. Yes, I sat open mouthed for a while too. Then she said stated and I suppose it is true, that women cannot use this word but it is OK for men to come out with it when they like.

Quite profound I thought. Although I have to say that I don’t particularly like the word, if find it offensive and only use it to add dramatic effect in my writing now and again. For me Cunt is the pinnacle of the swearing dialect and must be used with caution. Don’t ask me why, I use most of the other swear words from time to time during the cause of my day but not that one.

It leaves me standing in my own tracks and commands attention. A useful word to use if you want to be noticed but not one that should be included in your daily repertoire.

Strange how some people can shock you just when you thought you knew them. But I suppose things like this keep you on you toes. 😉

I may be bringing you an assortment of new words soon. Lol