A Shared Moment

By | April 15, 2007

The weather over in the UK has just got better and better over the last few days and this weekend was a scorcher.  The days have been warmed by the intense heat of the sun and the nights have been warmer.

Consequently we have had to open the windows in the bedroom to air the room and the heating has been turned down.

Now our bedroom is a fair size but not huge which means that the bed isn’t far from them.  Last night Alex flipped me over after kissing, embracing and allow things to take their natural course.  I was lying on my back and he forcefully parted my legs climbed between them and grabbed firmly on to my hips.

Don’t you just love it when your guy is forceful?  😉  Especially when you have had the painters and decorators in all week.  Ok, stop scratching your head!  I will rephrase that for those unfamiliar with that expression.  When you have been having your period.  Lol

We don’t abstain from sex during my cycle but the sensitivity quite often isn’t there internally.  I think it may have something to do with the uterus walls being swollen, making things a little desensitised.

But last night…whoo hoo!  Things were back to normal.

He pulled me on to his erection and I felt every inch of him penetrate me and savoured the feeling.  😉  I now had my legs through his arms and he was holding my hips as he pounded his swollen glans in to me.  Within minutes I was engulfed in the rush of my first orgasm and could hear the slushing of my cum frothing up on Alex’s cock as he fucked even faster.

My boobs were now happily bouncing up and down and I took hold of each nipple between my index finger and thumb and squoze, then quickly followed with a cheeky tug.  Nipple stimulation during a good fucking is essential.  Sometimes if I am being taken from behind I like to hover my nipples over a pillow and as I move up and down on Alex’s cock my nipples graze the pillow.  They become so engorged and receptive that I can almost come by the stimulation alone.  😉

A stronger, deeper and all encompassing orgasm was now building inside me and I started to beg for more…”fuck me!…fuck me”, I demanded.  “Harder!”  I came and again I felt Alex become wet inside me and a tiny trickle ran between my buttocks.

“Agggghhhhh”, Alex came with a shuddering last push deep inside me.  He then collapsed backwards on the bed.

The next thing I became aware of outside our world was car door slamming.  The sound was very, very clear…conclusion…if I can hear them with clarity, then surely they heard me.  I never heard the car pull on to next-door’s drive.

“If next-door are currently reading this post, sorry if I was a little demonstrative last night”.  Unfortunately I can’t promise it won’t happen again. 😉