When Porn Goes Bad

By | April 18, 2009

Heath LedgerI still can’t believe I just read this but…

We have all done things whilst watching porn haven’t we? Come on be honest. I will. I regularly play it in the bedroom whilst we are playing with each other or fucking.

And it is a must when playing solo, most times I frig myself with something going on in the background. You don’t feel like you are alone in then bedroom when there is another couple at it in there with you. 😉

All of these seem perfectly natural to me.

However this story I just read over in the Metro just feaked me out.

It was reported that comedian Mark Cassidy had over dosed and died inhaling laughing gas whilst watching porn. Two things strike me as being a little strange, firstly why would you want to inhale laughing gas whilst watching porn? And how on earth do you get off laughing throughout a porn film?

The 43 year old divorcee (I wonder why) from Blackburn was found to have a verdict of misadventure recorded against him at his inquest.

Michael Singleton the coroner from East Lancashire said he probably was the victim of “auto-eroticism that had gone wrong”. It is believed that he fell victim to nitrous oxide toxicity and suffocated.

I suppose he went doing what he liked best.