Where Has All The Good Porn Gone…

By | April 19, 2009

Blow Job…long time passing.

Alex aluded to this the other day. We seem to have fallen in to the formulaic section of the porn on offer at the moment. You know what I mean. However the scene starts out and there have been some good starters, the same old… happens.

We have had scenes with girls happily playing with each other or even toys and in one instance a bit of light bondage and a blindfold. Within minutes of my taste buds and other things becoming wet the scene changes.

In walks the guy already sporting a hardon and for some reason the only way to welcome him is to get down and suck that cock. For once I would like to see the girls bring each other off first or if we have to, grab hold of that cock and wank it, slip it in to a Fleshlight, apply a cock ring or “for fuck’s sake do something unpredictable for once!”

We all know about blow jobs but we aren’t fucking obsessed with them but to watch the latest offerings of porn from any of the major players this is the only way to start a porn scene. I don’t think so!

Even producers of what I would class as off the cuff porn have slipped in to this boring, predictable and not at all stimulating style. Some of my favourite porn stables have gone off the boil and it is a shame because some of them were quite ground breaking in for example making BDSM accessible and not the fringe behaviour that some would have us believe.

We need some innovation and I often find myself wishing that these people would take me on as a consultant because porn is evolving and there are more women watching than ever before. That said I think a lot of guys would be inclined to agree with me. I know that Alex would.

This post was inspired by a less than inspiring DVD we watched this evening. They exacerbated the bad scenes with guys who looked like they worked on the waltzers or even worse your own father by making the whole thing hazy and undistinguishable. It was like viewing the sets through a Vaseline smeared window.

Needless to say we will be taking this back for exchange tomorrow. The question is “what for?”.