Head Fucked

By | April 20, 2009

I have experienced some strange things during sexual intercourse including slight heartburn and mild palpitations or something like it. They come and go and I jut put them down to being one of those things and carry on regardless as nothing comes of them.

One thing I don’t normally suffer with during sex is a headache, not unless I have a cold or other illness. And it is a bit of a joke for the woman to get one during sex, so even if you do get one I think I would fuck through it. Lol

But I just read in the Times that a reader suffers from headaches during sex, at the time of orgasm. He gets a sudden pain and has never had anything like it before.

The doctor advises that he is encountering orgasmic cephalic or “thunderclap” headaches. Which I have never heard of before. Apparently you are more susceptible to them if you are a male.

It is believed that they are related to stress, obesity and keeling during the act. Without a clear cause the speculation is that they are due to a rise in blood pressure during orgasm, contraction of the neck muscles or possibly a combination of both.

They recommend if you are concerned to see your GP otherwise recommend that you possibly attempt to loose weight, take exercise or simply lay back during sex.

It’s good to hear that it’s not just women having the headaches. I know bad joke. Lol