I Like To Be Watched

By | April 21, 2009

Sometimes I have to smile and wonder what goes through people’s heads. I know we all love to be slightly exhibitionistic from time to time, I mean just check out the galleries and LicList sidebar for me. Lol

I find that doing it anonymously online is kinky and I target the right people, you naughty lot out there but I would never dream of revealing myself in public. I know I have had the occasional thought about seducing the postman or the delivery driver, I think most girls have.

But this guy I just read about took things a little too far.

Chris Trikes, 45 called Comcast re his slow Internet connection and they sent over a technician to check it out.

Whilst the technician was at his house in Michigan Trikes talked to him about pornographic sites he had visited whilst online.

Then Trikes exposed his genitals to the guy who made for a quick exit.

The technician was call as a prosecution witness at Livingston County Court, Michigan where it was revealed that Trikes had been convicted of indecent exposure in 1999.

I think this guy needs more than his Internet connection looking at. Lol