Suze’s Clitoris Gets Attention

By | September 3, 2009

Toy Joy Cherry Blossom Nibbler

Now what can I say about this little baby…fffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuccccccccckkk!

End of review.

No seriously.  When I first opened the packet for the Chrerry Blossom Nibbler I must say it didn’t impress.  It reminded me of a small torch without a light.  Lol  But, Oh boy, was I wrong.  Lesson learned…never underestimate the power of sex toy again before trying it.  That is now noted and I will never assume again.  😉

The Nibbler is a clit stimulator and I must admit to having my doubts that a toy could possibly replicate the close relationship I have with my finger.  😉  All I will say for now is I was wrong.

The Nibbler is a slim vibrator for the clitoris with removable latex head containing 6 soft latex tentacles to tease your little nub.


  • Removable latex head for cleaning
  • Easy load screw tight battery compartment, taking 2 x AAA batteries
  • Push button speed/vibration control.  A marvellous idea, how many times have we tried to turn up the speed of a vibe and had the battery cover unscrew!
  • 7 x vibrating sensa functions

Not sure if I would need lube to try this out, Alex wet the vibe with saliva and I thoroughly wet my clit but we had some lube on standby should it be required.

I tried the three speeds (non-pulsing) and then the first pulse, the vibrations were reverberating throughout my pelvis and clit.  The pulse seemed to be doing it for me for a while then I switched back to speed setting 2 and started to move the head around just like I would my finger.  We know that the sensitive spot moves when rubbing one out, doesn’t it girls?

I love the feeling of my finger on my clit but this was something else and easier to manipulate.  No RSI with this one.  😉  I found the extension to my reach far more comfortable than with just my hand alone.

My hips started to buck and Alex was watching me eagerly, stroking his cock and enjoying the floor display.  I was now starting to moan and to my surprise didn’t require any lube to get the desired effect with no chaffing.

Before long I was tilting my hips and pushing my back against the bed and I felt the most enrapturing orgasm washing over me.  This little toy was hiding it’s light under a bushel.  I could not believe that a toy could do more for my clit than I could!

I came rather violently, thrashing and moaning like a possessed whore.  The clitoral stimulation that this toy provides is unequalled by anything I have ever tried before.  Do I sound as if I am hooked?  Yes I do, this has to be one of the best toys I have tried out so far because the effects were so intense.  And for such a low cost, not that I put a price on pleasure but this one is worth it’s weight in gold.

I asked Alex how long I had taken to climax, normally it takes me anywhere between 20 and 30 minutes to come with finger stimulation.  Alex informed me that it took…guess how long…

…just about 5 minutes.  So next time you want a quick orgasm, perhaps before work, this is the one for you.

This is a very simple toy, it does the one job it was designed for very, very well. It’s without doubt the best toy for clitoral stimulation I have ever tried … and I still have to try out the other settings … and then experiment on Alex.

I am one very happy bunny.  🙂