Watch My Dirty Videos

By | April 22, 2009

Secretary In StockingsWell, we had our knuckles wrapped by YouTube and they suspended our account. So, although they never actually said what we’d done wrong (and yes we did ask), we must be doing something right. Lol Therefore over the past few days I have been converting them and setting them up for you to view online again.

Our videos were well received and we had some of the highest hits on You Tube and hundreds of subscribers which rather ironically started to increase rapidly before we were brought down. And even more interestingly we were putting more people through to You Tube than they were to us. Oh well, their loss. J

I even had my own glove fetish fan who subscribed to the videos.

You will find the link to our videos page over there on the right hand sidebar it’s the one with me holding my boobs, go check them out I’m sure you will find something you like. 😉