Sexual Candy Shop

By | April 23, 2009

Pole dancerPicture this, you are the owner of a sweet shop and you want someone trustworthy to take care of it occasionally. Who could you trust not to eat the produce? Someone who doesn’t like sweets of course. That could be actually, I much prefer savoury.

If you put me in the Deli I would be a liability. Lol

This is a good rule of thumb but falls on its arse if they are taking the goods home for someone else.

Which leads me to the reason for this post. I just read that a lap dance club in London have appointed a guy to manage the dancers. Someone who they can trust not to try to test the produce. Lol

He is a devout Christian and doesn’t believe in sex before marriage. Good move I thought. It would have worked equally as well if they had appointed a gay guy…

…come to think of it. How did they raise the question of his religious beliefs at interview? Did they just come right out and ask if he was celebate? You know I’m beginning to question the authenticity of this story.