Anal Explorations

By | April 24, 2009

Sexual AaahhEven though I first tried anal months ago I haven’t really persisted with it. The last time we attempted it I thought I was nice and relaxed but Alex had the greatest of difficulty entering me. He only managed to get the tip in and it felt uncomfortable.

It was at that point that he kindly backed off and said that if it didn’t feel comfortable we should stop and if I didn’t want to persist with anal he was ok with it. This brought about a re-evaluation of the act of doing anal.

“Was I doing this to conform to what is expected these days?” or “Did I enjoy the sensation of Alex’s cock entering me from behind?” And to be honest I think the answer to both is yes and no.

There have been times when I have really enjoyed him being inside my ass but I have to be in the right place mentally. At the height of good sex he is able to please me by fucking me there and yet at other times it can be uncomfortable.

I’m not sure which way I will end up going with this but I don’t want to close the door on me explorations just yet.

Anyone any thoughts on this?