Slow And Gentle, Hard And Fast

By | April 25, 2009

SuzeYesterday was spent taking advantage of the good weather we’ve enjoyed while off on holiday to tidy the garden a little more. We’ve been at it on and off al week, slowly reclaiming the main part of our garden from nature, while leaving the more remote parts to go wild. It helps the wildlife, particularly encouraging natural predators to keep the pests down.

Anyway I must have omitted to drink enough yesterday because I woke up with a terrible headache and dry mouth. I rolled over and snuggled up to Suze and quickly found myself in possession of a huge erection. She pushed back into me, obviously enjoying the sensation of hot flesh pressed into her back.

I pushed her onto her front, wet my cock with saliva and slid between her legs, forcing them apart. She raised her buttocks in welcome and with a slow and gentle thrust I slid into her pussy. I wanted to fuck her hard and fast, but my headache meant that every motion caused me pain so I had no option but a slow fuck until we both came.

The moral – Drink plenty of water.