3D Porn

By | April 26, 2009

Tits In 3DIn the constant search for increasing realism the technology used to make mainstream movies is constantly improving. In cinemas there’s Imax and amazing sound. At home there’s the incredible sound quality and increased resolution from Blu-Ray disks and HDTV.

What is now emerging (again, because the people at the movie studios have been trying to get us all to take up this technology for decades) is 3D. Film makers have been trying to get us to watch 3D since 1922, maybe now, with the release of high tech, high budget CGI titles like Monster s Vs Aliens they’ll succeed.

At least on adult studio is about to do release 3D porn. That’s great don’t you think. Added realism, new dimensions in arousal?

Well on the whole I think yes. However I do have one reservation. I have absolutely no desire to see a huge close-up cock looming out of the screen and threatening to poke me in the eye.

The ladies may have other ideas.