Swinging Apprentice

By | April 26, 2009

Lorraine TigheAlex and I have been hooked on The Apprentice since we got in to watching it last year, it is a very addictive programme. Each year it takes us a couple of episodes to decide who we like and want to win and who we would gladly see leave the boardroom in shame.

This year’s series has been particularly cut throat with a couple of the guys and girls apportioning blame to deflect the heat when they have been the reason for failure. I must say that I have been rather surprised with Alan Sugar’s choices this year, although last year Clare managed to avoid being fired on several occasions.

I think Alan likes a bit of controversy and gives the gobshites a chance to redeem themselves or alternatively he knows who to keep in the show to pull in the viewers, after all we all love to dislike the baddy.

Every year the papers dish up some dirt on the contestants and this year had been much the same but I must admit I didn’t expect the story I read today emerge about Lorraine Tighe. Although I should suspected that she ran deeper than she appeared because she looks like the stereotypical “Sexologist”.

It has been revealed today that she is in to swinging after being involved in a soiree with 6 naked men and women in Amsterdam’s red light district.

Lorraine aged 36 is claimed to have been so aroused by the action taking place around her that she paid for her boyfriend to get it on with a prostitute whilst she watched. I know, I was slightly shocked too, you can read the full story here.