Porn Stars In Your Street

By | April 27, 2009

Fur CoatWould you recognise a porn star if you met them in the street? I don’t mean one you have seen on camera, but a professional porn performer who simply passed you as you were walking to the supermarket.

I can think of several different performers, who I shall not name, all of whom fall into one of three categories. That is yes, no and undecided.

The majority of performers that I’ve actually met would blend into a crowd when not on a shoot. When not dressed in leather, PVC or other such porn uniforms they look just like everyone else. Boring maybe, but true. If you didn’t know who they were they’d walk right past you without you even giving them a second glance.

There are a couple that, because of their distinctive personalities you would have to ask the question – What do they do for a living?

But there is one performer who on every occasion I have met her has been wearing what I can only describe as her fuck-me clothes. She is incidentally one of the nicest people you’d wish to meet, but she is always in-character because I think the persona she has on-screen is her real life persona. Very honest and very British.

Most of us wear a mask when we present ourselves to other people so it’s refreshing that working in an industry that many people would sneer at and regard as sleazy she is simply herself.

And no, you’ll have to work out who it is because I’m a gentleman and I’m not letting on.

Now the next question is, would you recognise me or Suze?