Electric Anal Probe

By | April 27, 2009

Sloggi BriefsI couldn’t believe this when I read it on my horoscope on my iGoogle on Friday. I don’t normally read horoscopes, I’m not a believe in astrology, but something drew my eye to this one.

Your key planet Mercury is buzzing with a high-frequency charge from electric Uranus, provoking you to go against the grain and take a risk. Luckily, your quirky sense of innovation will likely pay off for you today and the steady Taurus New Moon in your 12th House of Imagination can ground you just enough to turn your crazy idea into something that actually works.
By Rick Levine
Friday, April 24, 2009

Sorry to the heavens here but I’m unlikely to take a risk with electricity in my anus at this precise moment.

Do you think they word them like that on purpose?