Getting Dirty With Horny And Busty

By | April 28, 2009

Anna Nicole SmithI had a rare moment at work these days when I got chance to go to my old department and catch up on some of the gossip. I’m so busy these days that I just don’t get the chance to chat with Busty and Horny any more.

It was my first day back after a week off and I had worked my ass off in the morning trying to catch up on the work that had accumulated whilst I was off. So I thought I deserved some time out this afternoon to catch up with my old mates.

They were pleased to see me and fill me in on what they had been up to. I told you they were considering speed dating or attending a local singles club a while ago but nothing came of it. Well, whilst I was off last week Busty found out about a local singles night and they made a few enquiries and decided to go.

It was being held at a country club and not only did they go but they invited a mutual friend who said she would meet them there. Horny said they pulled up in the car park and noticed that the billboard next to the door said “Pie & Peas Night”.

“Oh, and Bingo I assume”, I said mockingly.

Busty said they were inquisitive to know who was in there and wandered round the side of the building to where all the noise was coming from. She said that she had to scramble a couple of feet up a wall (bear in mind she only ever wears high heeled stilettos) to be able to see through a crack in the curtain.

She said that all she managed to see before falling back to the ground were a couple of grey haired people with their backs to the window. At that point she prompted Horny that it may not quite be their scene and the jointly decided to move on once the other girl arrived.

Upon her arrival she said “come on lets go in and see what it’s like”. Apparently it was full elderly genteel folk but they said that they felt it bad manners to leave immediately. They went to the bar and the next thing they were being asked to introduce themselves and draw the winning ticket for the prize draw.

Busty was propositioned by a chap who claimed to be in his mid seventies for a waltz and declined based on the fact she cannot ballroom dance. And then later in the evening an old chap chanced his luck and asked if she would like to attend a tea dance at the weekend.

She kindly declined the 83 year old man who was clearly boxing above his weight. Busty said he had tried to woo her with personal info like the fact he had owned his own company and has his own house which is paid for.

And they told me about “the most common tart they had ever met”. They described her as being in her late forties and wearing a top cut so low that you could see the edge of her areolas. And because she was quite an ample girl she looked obscene. I reminded them of Anna Nicole Smith.

Strange when you are only in your early thirties you have different requirements from your suitor. Lol It sounded like despite the night not being quite what they expected they had a good evening anyway. But that is exactly what they are like, never miss a moment to enjoy themselves.

Horny added that they are going to a different singles night at the weekend. I’ll keep you posted on progress. Lol