Nudes In The Alps

By | April 28, 2009

Naked HikersI suppose that naturism, or nudism as it was called when I was a nipper, is easy to comprehend for most people. The thought of divesting yourself of all the trappings of modern life, specifically clothes, and returning to a more natural state does have its attractions. It must be so liberating.

That doesn’t mean that it’s for everyone, as proved by the Swiss community of Appenzell Inner Rhodes who have voted overwhelmingly to ban naked German hikers from wandering up their valley.

While understanding the wish of the naturists to roam, care-free and clothes-free in the beautiful and picturesque scenery of the Swiss Alps the residents do have a point. I don’t want to be enjoying a hotdog alfresco to have some guy walk past dangling his tackle at me.

Can you imagine the questions from the kids? Why’s that lady wearing no clothes daddy? Mummy got upset when she found all your magazines with naked ladies in …