Cuckolding Your Wife

By | April 28, 2009

OhMy chat with the girls albeit short was certainly entertaining. The things they have done quite innocently are hilarious.

Horny started to tell me about a guy that she met in a bar. She said she was attracted to him and wouldn’t have said no. But when he drove her home she became a little suspicious of his intentions. He was allegedly the perfect gentleman all evening and she was for want of a better phrase, swept off her feet.

She is also pretty trusting and a little gullible sometimes. Lol

He started to tell her about a friend whose girlfriend had a naughty side to her. She liked to have her hands bound together and blindfolded sitting on a chair in their cellar. I was all ears and intrigued as to where this was going next.

She described them as living in an affluent area of the nearby city. I was getting the words “wife swapping”. No, it got better than that. 😉 She would sit in the cellar awaiting man after man to go down there and “play with her”, Horny’s words.

Then he cut to the quick and admitted that he had been asked to take part too. At this point she said she felt slightly uneasy about him and what had previously seemed like a promising relationship had been marred.

Despite her unease she agreed to meet up with him the following day for dinner at a restaurant. I told you she could be too trusting and naïve at times. He called her to arrange the time for the date and then let it slip that he would be cooking for her.

At that point she bottled out and said she didn’t think it would be a good idea after all. She said she doubted his intentions when he had said go out for dinner and then changed his mind given his previous admission.

I tell you these girls should write a book about some of the weird and wonderful things which have happened to them as single girls. In fact I would write it if I could sit and listen to them during the day again. 😉