Glove Lovers

By | April 29, 2009

Sexy GlovesEvery industry is suffering at the moment and if your industry has been in decline for a while the recession is a source of even more pain. One such industry is glove making. I’m not talking about mass-produced gloves here, but the very specialist, fitted and finely crafted gloves that have always been the province of the well-heeled.

Gloves are an item of clothing that transcends the utilitarian and into the decorative and sensual. Hence their erotic overtones and for some the passion that they inspire in the form of a philia or fetish.

I think that’s justification enough for the government to give out grants to all glove fetishists, who by their purchasing of gloves and glove related, erm services, would help keep thousands of skilled artisans in work. Don’t you?