Pornstars On Your Facebook

By | April 29, 2009

Kinky black bootsWho would you accept onto your Facebook? Bearing in mind what happened to the silly Swiss woman who used Facebook while apparently “having a migraine” recently it’s a fair bet that your employer might be reading it. Ending up unemployed through poking someone is something normally reserved for politicians.

What would your employer think if they saw a hardcore porn star as a friend of yours on Facebook, or any other social network account you have?

I suppose it depends on the attitude they might take to the site. That is, is it really a problem if you socialise with people whose profession might not be compatible with your professional life? The answer is governed very much by where you employer draws the line because there are no real legal guidelines directly related to this issues – like much of our conduct online it’s discretionary.

If you were to be sacked for the company you keep online would that be unfair dismissal? After all if you were to know them in the real world and drink with an adult performer down the pub would that be grounds for dismissal too or would they argue that the implicitly public nature of Internet social networking sites means that the relationships you have online are potentially more damaging to work relationships?

In that case do they want to read your emails next?

While I can see the logic behind the Swiss woman throwing a sicky and getting the push (I hope she wasn’t dismissed for the one offence though) there has to be some limit to what your employer can and can’t take you to task for when it comes to your virtual life.