Getting Her Wet And Keeping Her Going

By | April 30, 2009

Wet T Shirt In ShowerLaying in bed, gasping for a drink after a hot hard sex session (that was quite alliterative I out to write headlines for the red tops) it occurred to me to see if you could buy drinks that were specifically formulated to help you in the bedroom.

My initial thoughts were for beverages that would re-hydrate, that being the though on my mind as I lay there perspiring slightly and feeling like my mouth had been dried with a blowtorch. Off I trotted to the font of all knowledge, Google, and first of all stumbled across a few news stories from 2007 about a drink called “Turn On”. Apparently the drink was already banned in many countries by the date of the articles. It contained a mixture of all the usual herbs and wotnot usually associated with sexual performance, plus caffeine.

The problem with this as with some other (non-sexual) herbal remedies is that they contain a mixture of ingredients, many of which have not been tested individually, let alone in combination. Some of the herbs used in remedies can be quite strong and have the potential to cause side effects in people with specific medical conditions. I’m not taking a pop at herbal medicine here, but buying something that falls between the cracks when it comes to testing because you think it will boost your sexual performance is ill-advised.

Searching for drinks that re-hydrate you after sex came up a bit of a blank though. The nearest I got was this which isn’t quite what I was after. I was hoping for something that would promise to replace lost salts and minerals expended and depleted during a good hard shag.

So sadly I’ll have to stick to stick with good old fashioned water, or one of those nice expensive athlete’s drinks.