Hot And Dirty

By | April 21, 2007

It’s sods law that the minute I return to work things start to happen around here and I miss out!  *pout*  This week has been a scorcher in more than one way.

Monday I set out for work from our quite little street and when I returned it was far from quiet.  As I drove down the road I was greeted by groups of workmen in various stages of undress, some using power tools, others just spades. 

The whole of the street was dotted with semi naked guys from the utility company, who were digging up the footpath to lay new pipes.  As I drove down towards the house I was reminded of the series of Diet Coke ads they ran over here recently.  I don’t drink it but I could be persuaded.  😉  Bodies glistening with sweat droplets as the sun beats down…

Anyway.  I was rather distracted as I meandered in and out of the parked cars and heavy plant which they were using, I nearly ran in to the back of a generator as I spotted a particularly fit guy with a spade.  Lol

The fun I could have had if I hadn’t got to go to work!  I could have invited some of them in for refreshments perhaps.

On Tuesday morning, after Alex left for work I had just stepped out of the shower and there was a knock at the door.  I must admit to feeling a slight fear that it was going to require answering and a bit of excitement at the prospect of opening the door to a burley young workman.  😉

I quickly slipped on my robe and ran downstairs, so as not to miss him.  When I opened the door I was greeted by a guy in a pair of navy shorts and a clipboard.  His blue eyes met mine as I opened the door.  He was a blonde haired guy with short cropped hair and quite a muscular physique, sporting a tribal tattoo on his left upper arm.

He looked slightly embarrassed as he realised I wasn’t quite dressed and his gaze fell upon the gaping neckline of my bathrobe.  He leaned towards me and pushed aside the left side of my robe with his tanned right hand.  He cupped my naked breast and massaged it under his palm…

Ok so it didn’t quite happen like that but a girl can dream can’t she?  😉  Whoops!  I tried to pull the gown together without making it too obvious that I had noticed the attention he was giving to my exposed cleavage.

“Can I take a look at your meter love?”, he asked in a North Yorkshire accent.  “It’s just through there I said as I guided him through the house to the garage. 

Shame things could have been so different.  *sigh*