Lesbian Lust

By | May 1, 2009

Kelly McGillisAs a teenager I was mad about Tom Cruise and watched all his films. My favourite by far had to be Top Gun with Risky Business coming a close second. I spent a lot of my bedtime moments just thinking about him and what I would love to do with him.

He encapsulated everything which got me going back in the day and I certainly didn’t pay any heed to his co-stars. That is apart from Kelly McGillis who hit all the right spots but even she could not lure me away from Tom.

Little did I know that under her sultry good looks was a woman after my own heart. Despite being married twice and having two daughters she has been in torment over her sexuality since the age of 12.

She has admitted that she is a lesbian to a lesbian website after years of denial and as she puts it is now being true to herself.

Good on her, can you imagine the threesome we could have had. 😉