Toilet Webcams, Are They so Bad?

By | May 1, 2009

Super LooWell, yes frankly they are. I can’t say that I have the slightest inkling why anyone would want to watch a porn performer go to the loo and pretend to themselves they were spying on the girl. Nope I can’t see the attraction at all. Urophilia, now that’s a different thing, there are some aspects of that that I can understand, if not fully share the sexual arousal part with.

I mention this because I had a flashback to my youth when the first “Super-Loo” appeared in our town centre. There was a big fuss about it – bogs enter the 21st century I suppose.

“Oh it’s so clean”, “Oh, it’s so modern”, “Oh, shit the door’s opening!”

If you’ve never encountered one the door opens after a set amount of time. That would be bad enough if you were in a stall in a public lavatory, but in a public street with dozens of people passing by the thought of the door opening while you were still in the middle of something is a bit of a disincentive to use the things.

Unless of course you’re an exhibitionist with very specific predilections. Maybe that’s who designed it.