Watch Those Babies Jiggle

By | May 2, 2009

Suze in Sun HatWe had Nephew today and took him to some parkland near us. It was lovely. Not too sunny but warm. We took his frisby and spent a couple of hours walking and playing with said plastic disc.

I’d got my new trainers on and because they seem to be of a really awful design ( and not cheap) they rubbed up my big toe on my left foot. Bummer. So I ended up barefoot on the grass. It was only then that it occurred to me that it’s years since I’d run around barefoot. Made me feel like a kid again.

But I’ve saved the best bit until last. Playing with a frisby has a couple of perks that you might not realise. First, if you throw it high enough the person has to jump to catch it, and if you throw it short they have to bend over to pick it up. This means that when Suze jumped to catch the frisby her boobs jiggled delightfully as she came down and when she bent forward to pick up the frisby I got a lovely eyeful down her cotton top.

“But why,” I hear you cry “are you getting so interested in something you have easy access to anyway?” Well it’s the clandestine nature of the spectacle the secret, voyeuristic nature of the experience that made it oh, so special.

Guys, go buy a frisby.